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Chief of Police
Jeffrey S. Katz

Phone Numbers
804-748-6265 Fax

Emergencies dial 911  

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Police Department
P.O. Box 148
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Street Address
10001 Iron Bridge Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Police Online Reporting Form

Online Crime Reporting


This Online Report is NOT to be used in an emergency!


Note: Be aware that some fields are required and you will be prompted to fill them in before submitting your Police Online Crime Report. 


Step 1 - Enter Your Information: 

Must check for your Online Crime Report Submission Number  

How to be contacted?  

Were you the victim?  

Your First Name:*           

Your Middle Name:  

Your Last Name:*  

Business Name (if the business was the victim):  

Your Physical Mailing Address (no p.o. boxes):*  

Your City:*  

Your State:*  

Your Zip:*  

Your Home Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):*  

Your Alt. Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):*  

(Note: We encourage you to submit a contact phone number. If you choose to be contacted via email, please be aware that our response may be caught by your email’s spam filter. )

Your Email Address:*  

Your Gender:*  

Your Race/Ethnicity:*  

Your Date of Birth :    [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 

Step 2 - If you are NOT the victim, please complete the following as well:

What is your relationship to the victim?  

Victim’s First Name:  

Victim’s Middle Name:  

Victim’s Last Name:  

Victim’s Physical Mailing Address (no p.o. boxes):  

Victim’s Home Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):  

Victim’s Alt. Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):  

Victim’s Email Address:  

Victim’s Gender:  

Victim’s Race/Ethnicity:  

Victim’s Date of Birth :   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 

Step 3 - Enter Crime Details:

Type of Crime:*  

Crime occurred in Chesterfield?  

*If you know the exact date and time the crime occurred, please enter below (not required): 

Date Crime Occurred (mm/dd/yyyy):   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 

Time Crime Occurred (hh:mm):     

*Please enter the date and time range below, for the estimated date and time crime occurred (required): 

From Date Crime Occurred (mm/dd/yyyy):*   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 

To Date Crime Occurred (mm/dd/yyyy):*   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 

From Time Crime Occurred (hh:mm):*   

To Time Crime Occurred (hh:mm):*   

Address Where Crime Occurred:*  

If you don’t know address, please describe location:*


Method of Entry (for Vehicles Only):  

Where Crime Occurred:  

Description of Crime:* (Please be as specific as possible – tell exactly what happened – who/what/when/why/how)


Itemize Articles: (Number items and include model #, serial #, brand, color, estimated value, item condition, description)


Step 4 – Witness Information If Available:

(Please provide contact information for witness (es) to include: Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Gender, Date of Birth)


Step 5 - Add Vehicle Details:

Was a vehicle involved?   

How was your (or another) vehicle involved? Was it broken into, Driven by Suspect, Vandalized, Other:


Vehicle License #:  

Vehicle State:  

Vehicle Make:  

Vehicle Model:  

Vehicle Type:  

Vehicle Year:  

Vehicle Color:  

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) :  



Step 6 - Availability:

Would you be able to identify a suspect in a photo or physical line-up?*                    

If located, Can you make a positive identification of your property?*                        

Is this report for insurance purpose only?*