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Youth Awards - Adult Nomination Form

35th Annual Chesterfield County Youth Awards - Adult Nomination Form

The Outstanding Youth Awards is an event that celebrates adults who contribute positively to the development of youths in Chesterfield County.  

Criteria for Adult Nominees

  • Must be a resident of Chesterfield County
  • Must be older than 18
  • Must have demonstrated one or more of the following in their work with local youths:
    • Fortitude entails courage, patience, strength and willpower to accomplish something that is beneficial to the youths of Chesterfield County.
    • Mentorship involves a relationship between two individuals were one individual provides guidance, life experiences and wisdom in a safe and nurturing environment.
    • Service requires applying effort and time to benefit youths, or to a special project that benefits our children, for no apparent gain to the nominee. 

Nomination Deadline: Friday, February 23rd at 5 p.m. 

Complete the following form to nominate an adult who has benefited youth in Chesterfield County.
* Designates required information

Adult Nominee (must be over 18 years of age)

*Last Name  
*First Name  
*Phone (primary)  
Phone (alternate)  
*Street Address  
Zip Code  

*How long has the adult contributed to the service of youth in the community?  


*Last Name  
*First Name  
*Phone (primary)  
Phone (alternate)  
*Street Address  

*Relationship to nominee  

Adult nominations for the Chesterfield County Outstanding Youth Awards are based on Fortitude, Mentorship, and/or Service.

Please choose ONE category to nominate the adult using up to 1200 characters, giving specific examples with details to support the nomination. Describe why you are nominating the adult and how the actions of this adult have benefited the youth in Chesterfield County.

Choose ONE category  


Details (up to 1200 characters)

Please use up to 300 characters to add additional information that you feel will assist the committee in evaluating your nominee.

Additional Information (up to 300 characters)

Please review your form, then submit. Your nomination will be evaluated.