A message from Chesterfield County Police Chief, Col. Jeffery S. Katz:

We welcome, encourage, and support all First Amendment expression. We’ve seen a number of organized groups hijack reasonable and appropriate protests and turn them into violent demonstrations where people have been hurt, businesses and cultural facilities have been damaged, and lives have been lost. This is not acceptable.

Dissent and protest are healthy. Rioting is not. I want to take some time to reassure each of you that we are well prepared to support those who seek our assistance in safely exercising their First Amendment Rights. We are also prepared to quickly quell violent criminal outbursts in our community and prosecute these folks to the fullest extent of the law. Hijacking a righteous message and drowning out the fears and concerns of vulnerable and scared people in our community with violence, chaos, and destruction is not okay. This is where we draw the line. If it comes our way, we will deal with it accordingly.

The Chesterfield County Police Department and Chesterfield County maintain a robust social media presence. Please refer to these resources - and only these resources - for information relating to any known threats, hazards, or informational updates. We cannot confirm validity from any other sources.

We will always do what we can to communicate with you clearly and often and remain committed to keeping you informed.

About the Police Department

The members of the Chesterfield County Police Department are committed to serving the people of Chesterfield County with integrity and professionalism. We are a part of our community, not apart from it.

The department has more than 500 sworn officers, more than 100 civilian employees and more than 200 volunteers who work to make Chesterfield County safe and secure.

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