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1. Will restroom capacity be improved?
2. Will the project improve handicap accessibility?
3. What is the proposed design for the main entrance?
4. How will parking be improved at the school with this project?
5. Will school capacity be increased?
6. Will this project result in redistricting (school attendance zone boundary adjustments)?
7. What is the timing and phasing for construction?
8. Will fire safety of the building be improved with this project?
9. What is the project cost?
10. The proposed path through A.M. Davis Elementary School would bring pedestrians near student activity areas.
11. Will the lighting improvements for the stadium result in less adverse lighting impacts on the neighborhood?
12. Noise from the stadium is a nuisance.
13. How does the Neighborhood Enhancement inspection program work?
14. How do neighborhoods get added to the list for Neighborhood Enhancement inspections?
15. Will you expand the Neighborhood Enhancement program to Tillers Ridge subdivision, and roadstrip lots along Ruthers Road?
16. What other schools are planned to be revitalized?
17. What improvements will be made to A.M. Davis Elementary School?
18. Will neighborhood be surveyed for their opinions?
19. Will there be improvements along Starlight Lane?
20. When will be the next community meeting?
21. Will the sidewalk improvements along Providence Road include pavement repairs?
22. Are you concerned about traffic during school events, especially stadium events, impacting Elkhardt Road?
23. Will roads in the area be widened?
24. Will there be sidewalks along Ruthers Road to serve the area?
25. Are sidewalks connecting to Midlothian Turnpike safe for students?
26. What is the source of funds?