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1. Will there be safety improvements to the school?
2. Will there be bus access to Hull Street Road?
3. What is the project timeframe?
4. Will there be additions to the building?
5. Will the renovation utilize existing space more efficiently and accommodate students?
6. Will there be trailers during and after construction?
7. What will the floor plan look like?
8. What will be the budget overrun for this project?
9. The front sign is sun-bleached. Will this project include sign replacement?
10. Will the project improve technology at the school?
11. When will proposed plans be better defined?
12. Will exterior improvements enhance the community?
13. Is maintenance of open and green space incorporated into the project plan?
14. What will be the Pupil / Teacher Ratio (PTR) when the project is complete?
15. What is the project budget?
16. Are there asbestos issues in the school?
17. What techniques will be used to minimize construction noise during school hours?
18. Will the schools be addressing core curriculum, to fit the building to the program instead fitting the program to the building?
19. What is involved in stream restoration activities?
20. Are you aware that there is flooding at the stream that crosses Lancer Boulevard?
21. How does the residential rehabilitation tax credit work?
22. Will the County work with homeowner associations to provide project information?
23. Will there be improved access to playing fields?
24. Why will the new fire lane only be accessible by Fire Department vehicles, and not provide public access between Hull Street Road and Walmsley Boulevard?
25. Instead of a crosswalk on Hull Street Road, shouldn't there should be a flyover or underpass?
26. Will the sidewalk on the north side of Hull Street Road stop at Turner Road?
27. What is the budget for sidewalk and trails improvements in the area?
28. When will we have a budget for sidewalks?
29. Will this project expand public transit along Hull Street Road?
30. Should sidewalks should extend down Walmsley Boulevard?
31. I'm concerned about the effectiveness of slurry sealing of roads. What can you do about this?
32. Will the road improvements along Newbys Bridge Road include sidewalks?
33. How do you request installation of sidewalks?