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1. What is advanced metering and how do advanced water meters work?
2. Why is the department upgrading to advanced metering and what are the benefits of advanced water meters? Are there any environmental benefits?
3. Is there a fee or application process necessary to upgrade my meter?
4. Can I keep my current water meter?
5. When will I receive the new advanced meter and how will I be notified of the installation? Can I make an appointment for the meter upgrade?
6. How is the advance meter installation done? Do I need to be home when they install the new meter? Will you need to enter my house to make this exchange?
7. Is the advanced meter reading accurate?
8. Will there be any differences in the delivery or quality of water after the meter upgrade? Will I see any changes to the amount I usually pay for my water/wastewater service?
9. Is my advanced meter reading secure? Can my advanced meter reading be confused with my neighbor’s reading?
10. Does the radio frequency signal pose any health concerns? Will the radio frequency interfere with my television, computer, cordless phone, garage door, pacemaker or other electronic devices?
11. What if I have questions about the last meter read before the meter upgrade?