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1. What is Legionnaires’ Disease?
2. What are the different species of Legionella?
3. Why is Legionella significant to Chesterfield County?
4. How many cases of Legionella have been reported in Chesterfield County and the region?
5. Is there a link between the number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease and Chesterfield County Public Schools?
6. Whose responsibility is it to take care of school buildings and facilities?
7. How many cooling towers are there at the schools and other county-owned facilities?
8. Were there any non-school facilities tested by VDH and CDC?
9. What formal reports will be issued and when?
10. Does the county government and school division collaborate on any support services?
11. What is the role of the Department of Risk Management and why are they working with the School Division?
12. What are cooling tower cleaning standards?
13. How often should cooling towers be cleaned?