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1. What is this issue all about?
2. Why can't every zip code in Chesterfield County have a "Chesterfield, VA" mailing address name?
3. What are the proposed changes from the postal service?
4. Has the name Bon Air been considered for the 23235 zip code?
5. What is the difference between a "preferred last-line" mailing address name and an "alternate preferred last line"?
6. What if I don't want my mailing address name to change, and wish to continue using my current mailing address name? Will I be able to do that?
7. Will any of these proposed recommendations affect my mail delivery? Will I have to pick up my mail at a different post office?
8. If I can continue to use my current mailing address name, how does that change anything?
9. What taxes and taxpayers are affected?
10. What is a "local option sales tax"? How does it impact Chesterfield County?
11. How would changing the mailing address name of the zip code help bring in more tax revenue to the county?
12. Will these proposed changes result in county taxpayers having to pay additional taxes?
13. I just ordered new stationery and office supplies. Will I have to throw it all out and order new supplies if these changes are made?
14. Will I have to send out change-of-address notices?
15. What could $2 million buy for Chesterfield County residents?
16. Is a survey of postal customers required in order to implement these proposed changes?
17. Will my zip code change?
18. What are the next steps in this process?
19. How may I continue to be updated on this process?