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Government Center Trail System

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Government Center Trail System Layout (PDF)


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About the Trail System

The Government Center Trail System is a mixed-use network of trails with a combination of both hard and soft walking surfaces. The system is comprised of two main loop trails (1.4 and 1.2 miles) and several connector trails. The trail provides a great opportunity for employees, residents and visitors in the area to get out and enjoy the outdoors while building regular exercise into their daily routines.

The trail is an extension of the County's trails system and part of the "greenways" effort to preserve open space. In addition to preservation, the goal of the greenways effort also is to connect residents with parks, rivers, natural areas, cultural attractions and historic sites. Some greenways serve recreational purposes, while others serve as protected corridors along rivers, streams and wildlife habitats.

In addition to encouraging people to use the trails, Parks and Recreation staff also welcome volunteers who are interested in helping to build or enhance the trails with benches, signs or landscaping. For more information, contact Stuart Connock at 804-751-4484 or by email.

See the Trail Layout (PDF)