Jenefer S. Hughes

Commissioner of the Revenue
Title: Commissioner of the Revenue, MBA, ACA, MCR
Phone: 804-748-1281
Jenefer Hughes

About the Commissioner

Jenefer Hughes is a Chartered Accountant with thirty years of business experience in some of the largest corporations in the United States, including Ernst and Young and Hewlett Packard. Most recently, she was Director of Accounting at McKesson, where her team handled over $5 Billion worth of transactions annually. Under her leadership, the team streamlined and automated their processes, reducing their workload by one-third and improving the quality of service delivered to their business partners.

Jenefer has a track record of building relationships across diverse stakeholder groups to deliver results for her customers. She led HP's Managed Print Services delivery team for the U.S. Postal Service, where she turned around a fractured customer relationship and grew HP's business in the process, while reducing USPS's printing costs. When USPS launched their Green Initiative to develop programs to improve environmental stewardship, she led her team to update printer settings, which resulted in lower paper and toner consumption and saved USPS $600,000 per year.

As General Manager for GTECH corporation, for whom she managed the State of Idaho's Lottery and Fish Game systems. Her team operated both IT systems, serviced and then replaced 1,600 POS terminals throughout the State, which supported the Lottery's goal to transfer over $20 million per year to support Idaho's schools and allowed the Department of Fish and Game to validate license eligibility at the time of purchase. When both agencies approached her to help mitigate escalating communications costs and degrading service, her team worked with them to upgrade to a satellite communications infrastructure, saving the State at least $250,000 per year and stabilizing costs over the long term.

Personal Background

Jenefer was born in England, and lived and worked in Europe until 1997, when she was given the opportunity to move to the USA to become Regional Finance Manager for GTECH's Western Region. Two years later, she moved to Boise, ID for work, met and married her ex-husband and had two beautiful children. She became a U.S. citizen on June 5, 2008, and it was one of the proudest moments of her life. She moved from Boise, ID to Bon Air in 2009 for the schools and the quality of life offered in the County.

She is a single parent, soccer mom and taxi driver for two amazing teenagers, who have attended Chesterfield County public schools since first grade. Previously, she served as President of Giraffe Laugh preschool, which provided free and reduced childcare for single parents working to build a better future for their families.


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