Coaches Background Check

Please Note

Background checks for coaches card will be cancelled until further notice.

Background Check Policy Co-Sponsored Youth Organizations

Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors approved the National Background Check for those individuals associated with co-sponsored youth leagues (i.e. coaches, board members, etc). All new coaches will be required to go through the new background check process, which includes fingerprinting. All approved individuals will be sent a national background check card with an expiration date of three years. Current background check cardholders may be selected for random background checks.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Co-Sponsored Coaching Background Process Background Check Fact Sheet (PDF)

Approved Background Check Cardholders

View the list of Approved Background Check Cardholders. This list contains an alphabetical list with card expiration dates of coaching cardholders that have completed the background check process and have been approved to coach in Chesterfield County.

Background Check Fingerprinting Processing

These sessions are available for Chesterfield co-sponsored coaches, Fire / EMS volunteers and Chesterfield / Colonial Heights Social Services applicants. Background fingerprinting processing dates and times listed below are the only times and location where this service is provided.

Police Headquarters
10001 Iron Bridge Road
Chesterfield, VA


Background checks for coaches card will be cancelled until further notice.

Individuals are requested to show a picture identification at the time of fingerprinting.

Police Release of Information Form (PDF) will be required and can be completed in advance.

Background Check Policy

Download a copy of the Background Check Policy for Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Co-Sponsored Youth Organizations (PDF)

Policy Changes

  • Felony violation relating to drug distribution is now a barrier crime
  • Felony violation of drug possession has changed from within 5 years to 8 years

Procedural Changes Effective January 2005

All new coaches will be required to go through the new national background check which will require coaches to submit in person a new application form, show a picture ID and be fingerprinted.

Existing coaching card holders who received their cards prior to January 2005 will start to receive a letter in the mail stating that they have been randomly selected to go through the fingerprint process to receive a current National Background Check coaching card. If you receive this letter, you have 60 days to attend a background session. Existing coaching cardholders should not come to be fingerprinted at a background check session until they receive the renewal letter in the mail.