How do I learn of proposed zoning changes?

There are several ways we notify citizens of zoning change applications:

Public Notice

Each month, two weeks prior to the public hearings, the Planning Department mails notices to civic associations and adjacent property owners. If you have a civic association and wish to be added to Planning's mailing, please call 804-748-1050. Proposed changes are also published in the Chesterfield Observer. The newspaper advertisements are published in the classified advertising section one week and two weeks prior to the public hearing.

Zoning Amendment Signs

At least three weeks prior to a public hearing, a sign will be posted on the property indicating a pending zoning request. The sign will read "Zoning Amendment Pending" and will contain a telephone number (751-4700) and a three-digit number corresponding with the last three-digits of the case number. (Example: Case 00SN0223 would be listed as Sign Number 223). Anyone with a touch-tone telephone can call the number 24 hours a day to get information about the particular zoning case.

Review Files

Files for each zoning case application are available for public review upon request. If you wish, we will also provide you with the name, address and phone number of the applicant.

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