What is Comprehensive Services Act (CSA)?

The CSA is a local and state program operating the Children’s Services Act of Virginia. To preserve families in the community we:

  • Provide collaborative and coordinating efforts among local children and family services agencies including:
    • Court services
    • Mental health
    • Private practitioners in the community to preserve families
    • Schools
    • Social services
  • Provide oversight to the program as well as organizes and facilitates Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPTs)

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1. What is Comprehensive Services Act (CSA)?
2. What is Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT)?
3. How do I know if we qualify for CSA funds?
4. What kind of services can CSA fund?
5. How do I get a FAPT meeting?
6. What if I am not connected to an agency for case management? How do I get a FAPT meeting?
7. How do I get help for my child who is experiencing a mental health crisis?
8. Does CSA fund residential treatment services for children?
9. What is needed to receive treatment in a residential treatment facility?
10. Who can I talk to about CSA?