If I need to reschedule the test what do I do?

If you need to change your test date, we will work to accommodate your needs. Please email the Police Personnel Unit to reschedule your test date, or if you decide to withdraw from the hiring process.

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1. Is there an age limit for becoming a police officer?
2. What time is the test?
3. What is the address of the test location?
4. Are there any study materials for the test?
5. What do I need to bring to the test?
6. How long will I be at the test?
7. Do I wear gym or exercise clothes to the test?
8. What if I fail the physical ability test?
9. What if I am unable to complete the physical ability test?
10. Is there a time limit on the written test?
11. If I need to reschedule the test what do I do?
12. I am in the military, but will be getting out soon. When should I apply?
13. I'm coming from out of state. Will your department cover the hotel cost?