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John J. Radcliffe Conservation Area

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John J. Radcliffe Conservation Area and Appomattox River Canoe Launch Layout (PDF)


  1. Boat slide (canoe and kayak)
  2. Fishing
  3. Picnic area
  4. Trails

About the Area

Located just below the Brasfield Dam and Appomattox River Water Authority, the Appomattox River Canoe Launch provides a parking area and boat slide for small non-powered craft. This location also serves as the trail head for the John J. Radcliffe Conservation Area, which consists of 97 acres of woodlands and swampland along the Appomattox River. Wildlife is in abundance in this diverse environment, and 1.5 miles of trail and over 500 feet of elevated boardwalk through the property provide visitors with a unique recreational experience.


  1. Appomattox River Canoe Launch

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