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Falling Creek Ironworks

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About Falling Creek Ironworks

Falling Creek Ironworks Park is the site of the first ironworks in English North America.

Two years after Capt. Bluett selected the site for iron production in 1619, a second expedition led by John Berkley, his son Maurice and 20 ironworkers arrived at Falling Creek. Although Berkley wrote to the Virginia Company that he would produce iron for them by the spring of the next year, the Powhatan Indians included the ironworks in their colony-wide attack and massacre on March 22, 1622. Although several attempts to restore the ironworks occurred, none were successful.

In 1760, Archibald Cary built a forge on the north side of Falling Creek. The forge proved to be unprofitable, so Cary turned his attention to a grist mill, which was destroyed during the American Revolution. The mill was rebuilt in the 1850s by John Watkins and was active until about 1906. The stone foundations on the north side of the creek are the remains of that mill.
The site is open for tours by reservation only.

See the Falling Creek Ironworks Layout (PDF)

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