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Chesterfield County Fairgrounds

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Chesterfield County Fairgrounds Layout (PDF)

Special Event Permit Application (PDF)

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  1. Exhibition hall
  2. Horseback riding rings
  3. Parking

About the Fairgrounds

  • 78 acres
  • Amphitheater
  • Exhibition Hall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Building
  • Horseback Riding Rings
  • Paved parking area for 220 cars and additional parking areas on the grounds
  • Trailer hookups
  • Wi-Fi available

Learn more about the Chesterfield County Fair.

Rental Rates

$500 per day


To reserve the fairgrounds or one of its facilities, contact Parks and Recreation. A Special Event Permit Application (PDF) is required.


  1. Exhibition Hall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Building

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  2. Horseback Riding Rings

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