What do we do with the grades that we receive?
  • These grades must be given to the classroom teacher with the instruction that they are to be averaged in with grades already received in that class. If a student does not return to school during the school year, our Educational Transfer Summary should be kept in the student’s cumulative file, which will be the only record since teachers have no ability to record our grades.
  • Most of the students who are in Detention come back with much higher grades than they left with and it doesn’t seem fair to average these grades in.
  • Students are in school from 8 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. each day. There are never more than eight students in a class, allowing for a great deal of individualized attention. Students typically attend school each and every day. These grades earned are legitimate and reflect the outstanding instruction students receive while here.

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1. How do we know when a student is a resident of the Chesterfield Detention Home?
2. Once notified, what do we need to do?
3. What is the best way to get that information to you?
4. What does the school day look like at the Detention Home School?
5. Do any students from the Detention Center attend their home school while detained?
6. Can home school teachers contact the detention home teachers?
7. What if a student is taking an on-line course?
8. Can a student take continue with an AP course when in Detention?
9. Is G.E.D. offered at the Detention Home School?
10. Do students take SOLs while in the Detention Home?
11. When a child is released from the Chesterfield Detention Home, are we notified?
12. What do we do with the grades that we receive?
13. Sometimes we send work and the student is back in school the next day. This is a lot of work. Why does this happen?
14. You send end of the year grades to us for students who are still in the Detention facility. What should we do with those grades?