If Qualified for Jury Service - What's Next?

If you are determined to be qualified for potential jury service, you may receive a summons in the mail at any time during the following year. It is unlikely that everyone who is qualified for jury service will be summoned. 

In Chesterfield Circuit Court, jurors serve only one day or the duration of one trial. However, if you are summoned, but were not called to report, you may be summoned again later in the year if the yearly pool has been used.

Juror Summonses for the following year are mailed monthly, starting with January summonses being mailed around December 1. You will receive plenty of advanced notice in order to plan accordingly. If you receive an Official Summons for Jury Service, it will contain a report date along with specific instructions for you to complete. It is very important you follow the instructions contained in your summons.

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