Juror Amenities

The court values the service you perform as a juror.  With that in mind we try our best to make your time here as pleasant as possible.  Below you will find a list of amenities provided while waiting to be called for a trial:

  • Magazines covering a wide variety of interests.
  • Bathrooms
  • Free Coffee, Tea, and Filter Water Dispenser (hot and cold)
  • Vending Machine for Drinks (available for cash or card)

If you are selected to sit for a jury trial you will have access to free bottled water, select sodas and snacks during breaks and deliberation. For lunch, there are several local food establishments in the area. There is no food service in the courts building. Depending on the case, lunch or dinner may be provided. Please plan accordingly.

Please feel free to bring a book, crossword puzzle, or other quiet activity to do while waiting to be called to the courtroom.

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