How do I pay my business tax?

The Treasurer’s office collects payment of all business taxes. You may contact their office at 804-748-1201.

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1. How do I pay my business tax?
2. Is there a late filing penalty for failure to file a return by the prescribed deadline?
3. What if I have multiple locations or multiple lines of business?
4. I would like to send my information overnight, but UPS, FedEx, etc. will not use a Post Office Box for the address. What address do I use?
5. How do I authorize someone else to file or act for my business?
6. Are there any additional requirements if a business is advertising to go out of business, and selling remaining inventory?
7. What do I need to do to close my business?
8. If I do not renew my business license, am I considered out of business?
9. I have concerns regarding neighbors in home business. Who should I contact?