How do I file for divorce?

Divorces are handled in the Circuit Court; however, Circuit Court Clerk’s staff members are not attorneys and therefore are not authorized to provide legal advice. To initiate a divorce in Chesterfield Circuit Court, the filing party must submit the appropriate pleadings prepared under Virginia law. There are no forms that the Clerk’s Office can make available for this purpose. Parties proceeding without legal counsel would need to research the Code of Virginia and prepare the required pleadings. There are a number of steps which must be followed under Code of Virginia to finalize a divorce matter.

A task force of Virginia legal aid attorneys has developed a technology-based solution to help pro se (i.e., self-represented) litigants filing simple, uncontested divorces. The system is made available at VA Legal Aid online. The Clerk’s Office makes this resource available as a courtesy and cannot guarantee that it will meet your needs.

Once a divorce filing is prepared, for information regarding filing fees, Sheriff’s fees, etc., we suggest speaking with a staff member in the Civil Division of the office, who routinely handle divorce matters. To speak with a staff member in the Civil Division, call 804-717-6981 during public service hours, which are from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

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