9800 Government Center Parkway
Chesterfield, VA 23832

P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, VA 23832



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Community Development Building Location Map (PDF)

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
G. Gillies, AICP, Andrew Director 804-748-1395
Donohoe, Stephen Assistant Director 804-768-7287
Haasch, Steven Assistant Director 804-748-1053

Comprehensive Planning Team  

Name Title Email Phone
Chieppa, Rachel Senior Planner 804-748-1778
Noxon, Andrew Sr. Planner 804-748-1086
Wieworka, Joanne Principal Planner 804-748-1081

Customer Assistance Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Campbell, Norman Principal Planner 804-796-7095
Franklin, Amanda Planning Technician 804-768-7771
Gibson, Haley Planning Technician 804-768-7591
Neal, LaJuan Planner  

Information Management Team 

Name Title Email Phone
English, Katherine Records Coordinator 804-796-7104
McIntyre, Gregory Automation Analyst 804-748-1082
Sundar, Kuzhalmozhi "Curel" Information Management Manager 804-706-7625
Williams, James GIS Specialist 804-748-1073

Plans Review Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Allen, Greg Planning Manager 804-748-1072
Chartier, Shannon Planning Technician 804-768-7485
Dopp, James "Jeff" Senior Planner 804-717-6191
Greentree, Jennifer Planner 804-318-8703
Hale, Christopher Senior Planner 804-717-6042
Kirtley, Gregory "Whit" Senior Planner 804-706-7691
Lamson, Jeffrey Senior Planner 804-751-4158
Mignardi, Luigi Senior Planner 804-717-6836
Morrison, Bradley Senior Planner 804-717-6143
Prusik, Steve Senior Planner 804-751-4321
Tugwell, Steven Senior Planner 804-768-7566

Planning Operations & Efficiency Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Adams, Amanda Planning Operations Specialist 804-748-1052
Baker, Jessica Planning Operations Coordinator 804-751-4940
Eshleman, Kathi Planning Operations Administrator/Clerk To Commission 804-717-6272
Hare, Kelly Senior Planning Operations Specialist 804-717-6021
Taffer, Stacy Planning Operations Manager 804-768-7773
Wilhelm, Amber Customer Service Representative 804-748-6954

Zoning Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Harold, Ellis Planning and Special Projects Administrator 804-768-7592
Feest, Joe Zoning Manager 804-748-1967
Pitts, Marianne Principal Planner 804-796-7122
Ramsey, Ryan Planning and Special Projects Administrator 804-751-4474
Somervell, Amy Senior Planner 804-748-1970
Walsh, Christina Planning and Special Projects Coordinator 804-751-4151