Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Community Services Division educates community members on how to anticipate, recognize, and reduce crime. We do this through a variety of programs that we offer to individuals, businesses, and places of worship. Our programs cover a wide range of topics including bicycle safety, workplace violence prevention, and fraud prevention for seniors.

Following are some of the programs that we present. To learn more about these programs, please call 804-318-8699.

Crime Prevention Programs

Home & Business Security Assessments

A crime prevention officer visits your home or business and conducts a Home Security or Business Security (PDF) assessment and will give written recommendations.

Security for Faith Based Groups

Teaches tips on how to recognize and react to potentially violent situations in places of worship.

Fraud & Scams

Teaches how to prevent frauds specifically targeted toward the older population. View check fraud tips (PDF) and identity theft tips (PDF).

Personal Safety

Learn how to prevent personal crimes such as robbery and how to properly react if you are attacked by reading the following:

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

View advice on what to do if something violent occurs at a business or office. While police officers will react differently to the situation depicted, the actions and advice provided are in line with maximizing the opportunity for people to survive such a threat.


Presentations can be scheduled on the first Monday of each month at the Police Department Community Services Facility.