Learn more about SmartWater CSI

Looking for an innovative way to protect your property or business? Check out the video below to learn about SmartWater CSI, a colorless liquid that contains a unique code that is registered to a particular user. 

SmartWater CSI is invisible to the naked eye and is visible only under a unique light available to law enforcement through SmartWater CSI. You can use it to mark your property, and covert delivery systems can be installed to invisibly mark suspects who have committed crimes. 

SmartWater CSI marks your property for a minimum of five years; several Chesterfield County neighborhoods have used SmartWater CSI to protect their property by marking their items with the liquid. If you would like to work with Chesterfield County Police to bring this product to your business or neighborhood, please contact the Community Services Division at 804-318-8699.

About the Police Department

The members of the Chesterfield County Police Department are committed to serving the people of Chesterfield County with integrity and professionalism. We are a part of our community, not apart from it.

The department has more than 500 sworn officers, more than 100 civilian employees and more than 200 volunteers who work to make Chesterfield County safe and secure.

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