We provide leisure opportunities and recreation programs which are open and accessible to all citizens in the County. We invite individuals with disabilities to take part in any course or program we offer.

To ensure an individual’s success in a program, staff known as Inclusion Coaches provide assistance based on reasonable accommodations. An Inclusion coach should be requested at least three weeks prior to the start of a summer camp or program.

What Is the Inclusion Process?

Inclusion is providing support for individuals with disabilities to participate in any of our leisure and recreation programs.

  1. Choose a program and request assistance during the registration process.
    Allow at least three weeks’ notice prior to the program to make reasonable accommodations.
  2. A Participant Profile and Essential Eligibility Requirements are mailed to the participant to be completed and returned.
  3. Therapeutic Recreation staff will facilitate communication between the Inclusion Coach and the parent / participant before the program begins.
  4. The Inclusion coach will make modifications as needed to assist the participant in the program.


  • Expanding creativity
  • Increased independence
  • Learning new skills
  • Making friends
  • Pro-social modeled behaviors
  • Sense of belonging

Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential Eligibility Requirements ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals both with and without disabilities. The requirements outline general prerequisite skills regarding safety, endurance, behaviors, personal care and medical issues. Essential Eligibility Requirements will be sent out with the Participant Profile. If an individual cannot meet all the requirements, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will assist in finding a more suitable program.

Inclusion Statement

The Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department provides opportunities and recreation programs that are open and accessible to all citizens in the County regardless of sex, religion, socioeconomic status or level of physical or intellectual ability.