Midlothian Community Special Area Plan

Project Status: Plan Adopted

At the December 11th Board of Supervisors Meeting the Board voted to adopt the Midlothian Community Special Area Plan. The plan as adopted by the Board of Supervisors can be accessed below:

Draft Plan Summary Videos

Project Background

The Midlothian Community Special Area Plan kicked off in February 2016. Community input is an essential part of the special area plan process. This Special Area Plan was developed on extensive public input. Staff conducted vision meetings in-person and online in 2016 with the community to identify concepts important to the future of the village. This initial input was then used to shape the recommendations of the Plan. Public input was again sought in the summer and fall of 2019 regarding the draft plan.

A summary of the community input collected throughout this process are linked below:

The Midlothian Community Special Area Plan builds upon the foundation laid by the comprehensive plan adopted by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors in 2019. The comprehensive plan provides the framework for guiding land use and development decisions on a countywide basis, while special area plans focus on the needs of specific communities.

The Midlothian Community Special Area Plan replaces the current Midlothian Area Community Plan that was adopted by the county in 1989.

The Plan includes recommendations to complement the countywide comprehensive plan while reflecting the community's needs, desires and overall vision for the future of the community. The Plan brings base land use recommendations within the plan geography into conformance with the countywide land use plan, while recognizing the unique qualities of the area that must be addressed through additional recommendations and tools. The Plan provides a road map for the future of Midlothian, guiding growth, development and infrastructure decisions.

Get Informed

It’s important to understand how the Plan guides future changes to your Midlothian community. We would appreciate opportunities to meet with you individually, or with your business or civic group at your convenience. For more information contact Joanne Wieworka at 804-748-1081.