Prevention Programs

  1. Same Day

Due to limitations on public gatherings that were put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19, Prevention Services is currently offering virtual classes and parent consultation in lieu of in-person classes.

Active Parenting of Tweens and Teens

Class for parents with children 10-15.
Active Parenting of Tweens and Teens Registration Packet (PDF)

Business of Co-Parenting

Class designed to help co-parents communicate respectfully and understand the effects of high parental conflict on children.
Contact Millicent Brickle or call 804-768-7212.
Business of Co-Parenting Registration Packet (PDF)

Living Apart Parenting Together

Two-session, four-hour seminar, mandated under the Virginia code sections 16.1-78.15 and 20-103.
Living Apart Parenting Together Registration (PDF)
Contact Millicent Brickle or call 804-786-7212.

Understanding Your Young Child

Class for parents with children birth to 6 years old.
Contact Whitney Kern or call   804-717-6547.

Practical Parenting Tips

Visit our Multi-Media page to view recordings and tip sheets from our Practical Parenting Workshop Series.

For updates or any further questions regarding our classes/programs, please do not hesitate to email or call our main office at 804-768-7800 during regular business hours.

Parent education may be available through individual phone consultation. Please email Melissa Ackley or call 804-768-7800 to discuss this possibility.