Neighborhood Bike & Pedestrian Connectivity Study

About the Project

In order to meet the Bikeways and Trails Plan goal of providing a comprehensive bikeway and trail network, a finer scale of planning must be conducted to safely connect existing neighborhoods to the proposed core network. This study will address the bicycle and pedestrian connections of existing neighborhoods and establish bicycle and pedestrian routes on low volume roads. Examples of recommendations from this study may include:

  • Bridges or culverts to safely cross streams or roads
  • Neighborhood byways, or roads with low volume and low speeds and other features to give bicyclists priority
  • Pedestrian actuated signals at strategic intersections
  • Short shared use paths for pedestrians and bicyclists between existing neighborhoods, at cul-de-sacs, stub roads or across environmental features like a stream
  • Signed bicycle and pedestrian routes along low-volume and low-speed roads