Community Outreach Programs

Increasing Public Awareness

One of Chesterfield County’s strategic goals is to increase public awareness and participation in the public safety system. In support of this goal, Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office offers a variety of community outreach programs. For any questions, contact the Sheriff's Community Outreach unit by email or by calling 804-717-6620 or 804-717-6266.

  1. Chesterfield TRIAD, File of Life and Yellow Dot

Chesterfield TRIAD

The Chesterfield TRIAD gives seniors a voice when it comes to their personal safety and security and offers them an opportunity to socialize while learning ways to be safe and secure.

File of Life and Yellow Dot

The File of Life information card is held inside a magnetic red vinyl sleeve marked File of Life, which the user posts on the refrigerator. The Yellow Dot program is a similar safety program designed to save you valuable time in the event of an automobile-related incident.

  1. Concealed Carry and Handgun Safety
  1. Courthouse and County Jail Tours
  1. Honor Guard
  1. Hunter Safety Course
  1. Inmate Outreach Program
  1. Juvenile Outreach Learning Tour (JOLT)
  1. Seniors-In-Touch