Community Engagement and Resources

Engagement-Focused Offices Connecting to the Community

Community Engagement and Resources (CER) assists residents, businesses and visitors through a variety of engagement-focused offices, including Aging and Disability Resources, Mobility Services, Multicultural Engagement, Volunteer Engagement and Youth Engagement. CER assists residents in connecting to the community and accessing needed resources throughout their lives.

Name Change to Community Engagement and Resources

Citizen Information and Resources (CIR) is being renamed to Community Engagement and Resources (CER). The department focuses on assisting residents, businesses and visitors through a variety of offices where engaging the community is central to its ongoing mission.

Announced in late June, the departmental name transition will occur throughout summer 2023 but will not cause any disruption of engagement or resources that CER offers. For any questions, contact CER by email or by phone at 804-796-7100.

ICMA Economic Mobility Grant

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Economic Mobility and Opportunity (EMO) program, ICMA is offering a series of learning and training opportunities in 2023 on boosting upward mobility in local communities.

Economic mobility describes the upward or downward movement in a person's economic or social status throughout their lifetime and throughout generations. Embedded within ICMA's Local Government Reimagined initiative, efforts will educate local leaders about drivers of mobility and opportunity and what is working in terms to move the needle for the security, health and welfare of vulnerable residents in communities across the country. Chesterfield County was one of 10 localities in the nation to receive this grant.

Throughout the grant period, Chesterfield's Community Engagement and Resources will join with Social Services, Economic Development and other partners to facilitate opportunities for economic growth with the key service areas of:

  • English for speakers of other languages
  • Financial literacy
  • Quality childcare
  • Safe and stable housing
  • Workforce development

Human Services 2021-2022 Annual Report

Chesterfield County Human Services Division is comprised of the following departments: Community Engagement and Resources (formerly Citizen Information and Resources); Community Corrections Services; Drug Courts; Juvenile Detention Services; Mental Health Support Services; Social Services and we work closely with Chesterfield County Courts, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Chesterfield Health District (CHD) and many boards. View the Human Services 2021-2022 Annual Report.