Policy & Procedures

Summary of Purchasing Procedures for Goods & Services

  1. $10,000 or Less
  2. $10,000 to $100,000
  3. $100,000 or More

$10,000 or Less

Using departments and schools have been given delegated authority to make purchases at this dollar value.

Policies and Procedures for Goods and Services

PPEA Policies and Procedures


We want all deliveries to be delivered free on board (FOB) destination. We will not accept ownership until we receive items as ordered.

All packages or shipping containers must contain the purchase order number and the ship-to location from the purchase order. We can cancel all or part of an order without obligation if the delivery is not made by the specified and committed time.


Surplus Property Sales

We sell property no longer in use through contracted third-party firms specializing in auctioning of materials. The following firms sell surplus materials not sold through specific contracts:

  1. General Surplus Sales
  2. Automobile Surplus Sales 
  3. Bus Surplus Sales


GovDeals, Inc. is a web-based auction firm that sells all types of surplus materials, including vehicles.