Court Operations

Court Security

Deputies not only provide for the safe detention of inmates within the courthouse awaiting trial, they also actively patrol the grounds and interior of both courthouses; screen individuals entering the courthouse for prohibited items (bullets, cell phones, guns and knives); and monitor all court proceedings constantly for potential problems.

The deputies are very knowledgeable about the functions of the various agencies within the courthouses and are available to assist citizens during their visit to the courthouse.


Escorts on the courthouse grounds are provided upon request and initiated by deputies when deemed necessary for security reasons.

Civil Process

Deputies serve all civil process and criminal warrants directed to them by the court system. These papers include, but are not limited to complaints, notices, orders, subpoenas, and summonses for both civil and criminal cases. Additionally, deputies supervise evictions, levies, public auctions and seizures.

Safe Exchange Zone

The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office dedicated three parking spaces at the main courthouse as a Safe Exchange Zone. The designated zone is under 24-hour surveillance and allows the public to conduct:

  • Child custody exchanges
  • Face-to-face online sales
  • Meetings where one feels the need for recorded video surveillance
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