Procedural Rules for the Board of Equalization

Board of Equalization Procedures

This is a work session of the Chesterfield County Board of Equalization. The purpose of this work session is to decide appeals of real estate assessments made by property owners in Chesterfield County. This work session has been public noticed, and property owners appealing their assessment are welcome to attend and present their case to the Board.

This will be an informal hearing. The decision of this Board will be based upon the facts presented by both parties. The purpose of the hearing is for the presentation of facts. Taxpayers may present witnesses and may be represented by counsel when appealing their assessment. The decisions of the Board will be binding. The procedures include:

  1. The County will proceed first and present its basis for the assessment. The Board may question the County representative during his/her presentation. The County is allowed 10 minutes to make its presentation.
  2. Following presentation by the County, the taxpayer or his representative will present his/her challenge to the assessment. The Board may question the taxpayer or his representative during his/her presentation. The taxpayer will be allowed 15 minutes to make his/her presentation.
  3. The County will then have an opportunity to rebut the information presented by the taxpayer. The County is allowed 5 minutes for its rebuttal.
  4. The Board shall afford full and equal opportunity to all parties to present any material and relevant evidence. Evidence shall be taken in the presence of the Board, the parties, and their counsel. Exhibits offered by the taxpayer or the County may be received in evidence by the Board and, when so received, shall be marked and made a part of the minutes.
  5. After each side has had the opportunity to present its case, the Board chairperson shall specifically inquire of all parties whether they have any further evidence to offer or witnesses to be heard. Upon receiving negative replies, the case shall be declared closed.
  6. In open session, the Board will consider all information presented, and the case will be decided by a majority vote of the Board. The Board will reduce its decision to writing and transmit it to the County and the taxpayer within 15 workdays of the Board's decision. A copy of the decision will also be filed with the minutes of the hearing.