Historical and Cultural Programs

Explore Historical Firsts

A wide variety of historical and cultural programs are available for youth and adults throughout Chesterfield County. Explore one of the earliest commercial coal mines, visit the site of the first iron furnace, tour historic plantations and discover the fight for religious liberties on the historic Courthouse Green. Visitors can experience over 400 years of history spanning the pre-colonial era through the early 20th century. Discover why we are more than just a footnote in history.

Chesterfield County boasts unique attractions for visitors to enjoy ranging from Revolutionary War and Civil War historic sites, historic museums and houses, and a wide range of historical landmarks. Chesterfield is proud of the many firsts that have been documented here, including the first iron furnace and commercially mined coal to the first hard surfaced road in Virginia, the second railroad established in the commonwealth, and one of the last preserved African American schoolhouses in the county. Parks and Recreation manages the county's historic sites and 5,100 acres of parkland at park sites. View the historic sites venue map (PDF)

Historical programming is designed for various ages and user groups, including:

Unique historical programs and activities are offered on behalf of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia at more than five separate historical sites on the Chesterfield Museum Complex. These include the Chesterfield County Museum, Historic 1892 Jail, Magnolia Grange Museum House, Castlewood and Historic Trinity Church.

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