Plumbing Inspections

Backflow Preventer

After the excavation is complete and the piping and device are installed, and prior to backfilling or concealment.

Backflow Preventer Examples

Final Plumbing

After all fixtures and equipment are installed and operational.

Final Plumbing Examples

Plumbing Groundwork

After the piping is installed and tested, and before the piping is backfilled or concealed.

Plumbing Groudwork Example

Plumbing Rough-in

After all the piping that is to be concealed is installed and tested and before the insulation and wall board are installed.

Plumbing Rough-in Examples

Water and Sewer (Septic)

After an approved rough-in inspection is obtained and the water and sewer pipes are installed, and before backfilling.
Water and Sewer Examples