Foster Care

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The Foster Care Program provides for the temporary placement and supervision of a child or children placed in the custody of this agency by the court. While in foster care, a social worker will work together with the child or children’s family to address the family’s needs that brought the child or children into foster care.

Foster Care Goals

It is the goal of the Foster Care Program to provide permanency to children by:

  • Adoption or independent living, for older youth
  • Placement with an appropriate relative
  • Returning the child or children to the parent or prior custodian

For additional information, please contact the program supervisors at 804-717-6826.

  1. Foster/Resource Parent Program
  2. Family Services Specialists
  3. Foster Parent Recruitment

Our Foster Care Permanency Team provides safe, alternate family care to children temporarily placed outside their home as a result of:

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Serious family problems

More Information

For additional information contact the Lead Family Services Specialist at 804-717-6194.