Noise & Low-Flying Aircraft

Aircraft Noise

The airport has no regulatory authority over aircraft in flight and does not control flight paths, but we do maintain records of complaints, investigate atypical noise events, and encourage the pilot community to fly friendly over the area.

To report a noise complaint, call 804-768-7700 and:

  • Provide as much detail about the nature of the event and aircraft as possible.
  • Include a good description of the aircraft and the aircraft registration or "N" number, if possible. (This is the number on the side of the aircraft.)
  • Please indicate whether you would like a return phone call.

For more information, visit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website.

Low-Flying Aircraft

Only the FAA has regulatory authority over aircraft in flight. 14 CFR Part 91.119 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) addresses minimum safe altitudes.

If you believe an aircraft is in violation of the FAR, contact the Richmond Flight Standards District Office at 804-222-7494 with the aircraft registration or "N" number and description of the aircraft.