Permit Issuance & Expiration

Permit Issuance

  • After the plans are approved, and the other departments requiring reviews have given their approvals, the building permit is issued.
  • The permit will either be mailed or held for pick-up based on what was chosen on the Residential Plan Review Delivery Form, submitted as part of the application process.
  • If you indicated that you wanted the plans held for pick-up we will call you or send you an email when the permit is issued. Plans are held for pick-up for 3 business days, after which time they are mailed.
  • After the plan review has been approved, one of the two stamped sets of plans (the "Approved Field Set") will be returned to the homeowner/contractor along with the Building Permit
  • The Building Permit "shall be posted on the construction site for public inspection until the work is completed… to be readable from the public way."
  • It is the responsibility of the homeowner/contractor to be sure the stamped "Approved Field Set" is available at all times during the construction, both for the framers and also for the inspectors.

Permit Expiration

Permits are valid for 6 months from the date of "last activity", which includes completed inspections, amendments, and the issuance of associated permits. If the permit does expire an administrative fee of $57 is assessed to reinstate the permit.


Refunds are granted if requested in writing, provided no inspections have been performed. The refund amount will be the permit fee paid, minus 25% of the permit fee or $57, whichever is greater. If the permit fee paid was less than the minimum fee of $57 a refund will not be granted.