Walk-thru Review Process

Residential Walk-thru Review Process

  1. Application: A customer-service representative will process the permit application and provide the applicant with a receipt. The applicant may wait until permit reviews are completed, which may take 30 minutes or longer. If the applicant leaves the area and/or does not have the required documents or information, the application will be processed through the Regular process.
  2. Plan Review: Plan reviewers from all applicable departments will review the submitted plans and documents to evaluate code and ordinance compliance:
    • Building Inspection - reviews the plans for building code compliance.
    • Planning - reviews the plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
    • Environmental Engineering - reviews the plot plan for setbacks from all easements and environmental features; view a typical sketch (PDF).
    • Utilities - reviews the plot plan and permit application to verify there are no encroachments into water and sewer easements
  3. If plan corrections are necessary, the plan reviewer will talk with the applicant to see if the plans and documents can be corrected. Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, will not be eligible for permit issuance during that visit. An approved permit application proceeds to Permit Issuance.