Swimming Pool Projects

For additional information download the requirements for outdoor residential swimming pools pamphlet (PDF).

Required Permits

  • Building permitfor pool and barrier
    • The pool and barrier permits can be applied for together or separately. The building permit will not be issued until the electrical permit has been applied for.
  • Electrical permit

Application Submission Requirements

  • Residential Swimming Pool and Barrier Permit Application (PDF)
  • Plot plan showing setbacks from existing and proposed improvements. Acceptable plot plans contain the following:
    • Entire property, showing all property line dimensions
    • Existing dwelling, any other existing structures and the proposed swimming pool location (clearly indicate all proposed structure dimensions). For proposed accessory structures, indicate the overall height.
    • Setbacks from the closest point of the proposed pool to property lines in each direction. Label the measurements from each property line to the closest point on the structure. Be as exact as possible and clearly label the road name.
    • All buffers, easements or floodplains located on your property (no structure may be located in these areas).
  • Construction plans (two or more copies) - We'll return one copy to you with the issued permit.
  • Residential Plans Review Delivery Form (PDF) - Indicates whether you want the permit and forms mailed to you or held for three days at the Building Inspection office for you to pick up.
  • Permit and other related fee payments

Construction Plan Requirements (two or more copies)

  • A plat showing the location of the new structure to existing property lines
  • Plans showing the size, shape and construction of the pool
    • In ground pools are required to be sealed by a Virginia registered design professional such as an Engineer or Architect.