Voting Equipment

The Chesterfield Registrar’s Office uses the ES&S DS200 Optical Scan Voting System and Express Vote Accessible Voting System.

ES&S DS200 Optical Scan Voting System

Voting Instructions

  • Use the marking device in the voting booth to blacken the oval next to the candidate of your choice.
  • Fill in the oval and stay within the lines of the oval.
  • To vote for a person not on the ballot, completely fill in the oval to the left of the "Write-in" line provided. Write the name of the person in the space provided.

Note: Write-in votes are not allowed in a primary election.

Once you have marked the ballot:

  • Place the ballot in the privacy folder provided at the voting booth.
  • Take it to the Optical Scanner.
  • Insert the ballot face down into the Optical Scanner for privacy (though the scanner will read the ballot either way it is inserted).
  • Return your folder to the election official.
  • Your vote has been cast.

If you change your mind or make a mistake on the ballot, please let an election official know, and you will be issued another ballot.

The Express Vote

The Express Vote machine is available at each polling place to assist voters with disabilities to vote in the same private manner as The Optical Scan System.

Voting Instructions

  • Insert a blank paper activation card in the machine. This is the ballot.
  • Use the touchscreen display or the moveable keypad equipped with braille and printed text labels provided to make candidate selections.
  • Headphones can also be used to hear a recorded list of the instructions and candidates for each contest.
  • Once selections are final, the machine marks the ballot which can then be inserted into the Optical Scanner.
  • Your vote has been cast.