Demolition Permit

A demolition permit is required any time a structure is being razed and returned to original grade. It includes all demolition on houses, detached buildings, decks, etc.

This permit is not intended for the removal of interior walls (renovation work) or for situations when the existing structure is being razed so that a new structure can replace it - in this situation, a new building permit will include the demolition of the old structure.

For the Demolition Permit, the homeowner/contractor shall:

  • Complete a Building Permit Application
  • Provide a plat showing the location of the building on the property
  • Complete the Asbestos and Demolition Certification Form acknowledging that he/she has obtained a release from all utilities and given written notice to the adjoining neighbors

An inspection will be made to ensure that the demolition is complete, all demolition debris is removed, and the grade has been restored to the point where the land will drain.

Backhoe Demolishing a House