Residential Inspections to Project Completion

Inspection Process Steps

Details on each step in the inspection process can be found in this section.

After the permit has been issued:

  • The homeowner/contractor may begin the work
  • If changes occur during the course of construction, an amendment or revision may be required.
  • At various points along the way, the homeowner/contractor schedules an inspection to verify that the work has been done in compliance with the approved construction documents and the code.
  • Inspections are performed the next business day.
  • The inspector will review the work and either approves the inspection or notes defects for the homeowner/contractor to fix, and leave an inspection result ticket on the job site.
  • If the same inspection fails twice, there may be a re-inspection fee for the third inspection.
  • The homeowner/contractor can view the results and/or comments of the inspections here on the website.
  • The homeowner/contractor makes the noted corrections and calls for a re-inspection.
  • Once the inspector is satisfied that the work is complete and code compliant (i.e. approves the inspection), the construction can advance to the next phase.
  • After all of the work is completed, the homeowner/contractor schedules a final inspection.
  • Once the inspector determines that all required inspections have been performed the project is considered complete.
  • For new houses, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.