Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Neighborhood Inspection Process

Inspectors visit selected neighborhoods and conduct inspections of house exteriors and premises. These inspections are performed to ensure properties meet the standards established in the Property Maintenance Code and the Code of Chesterfield County. The majority of houses in most neighborhoods are not affected by these inspections, since most are maintained well within the limits set by the codes.

How Neighborhoods Are Notified

If your property is due to be inspected a door hanger will be left on the door at least one week in advance. You can evaluate your home and property before our inspection to eliminate items that may not be in compliance. In the event conditions are found that require attention, the owner of the property will receive a detailed list and explanation of what must be done to resolve the problems.

Items Inspectors Review During Their Visits

  • Inspectors examine the exterior of houses and outbuildings that are viewable from the street or right-of-way.
  • Examples of items inspected that violate state or county codes:
    • House numbers not visible from the street
    • Deteriorating structural members and exterior roof, siding and trim, including peeling paint
    • Unpainted or unprotected raw wood on the exterior
    • Broken windows and doors
    • Unsecured gutters and downspouts
    • Missing or damaged guardrails and handrails for porches, stoops, and decks
    • Pools without proper fences/barriers
    • Improper storage or disposal of trash, garbage, litter and debris
    • Weeds or grass over 12 inches in height
    • Inoperable, unlicensed and unregistered vehicles
    • Improper parking of oversized commercial vehicles
    • Improper parking or storage of recreational vehicles
    • More than three dogs over four months old without a private kennel license

For more details on exactly what the inspector is looking for, view commonly-inspected items.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please call our office at 804-748-1779 and a customer service representative will assist you.