Physical Ability Test


View a short video that highlights the physical ability test

The physical ability assessment will be administered as a part of the candidate assessment process for a Firefighter/EMT position with Chesterfield Fire and EMS.


The physical ability assessment will consist of eight skill stations. These stations are a representation of common physical tasks required of Firefighter/EMTs. The procedure is as follows:

  • The first six skill stations are one continuous, timed measured event. Successful completion of all six stations in seven minutes or less is required to move forward and complete the entire assessment. Additional causes for failure are listed for each station.
  • Skill stations seven and eight are individual events and are not timed.
  • The candidate shall don a weighted vest (50 pounds), helmet and gloves prior to attempting the timed event. The department will provide all of the equipment items.
  • Recommended attire for this test shall be athletic clothing and tennis shoes. Candidates are asked to remove jewelry (i.e., watches, bracelets and rings).
  • All stations shall be scored pass or fail.