McRae Road (Forest Hill Road to Rockaway Road) Sidewalks

Bon Air Pedestrian Improvements, Phase 1

This information is for Phase 1 of the Bon Air Pedestrian Improvements. View Phase 2 at Bon Air Pedestrian/Bike Improvements, Phase II.

Project Description

Revenue sharing funds (50% state funds and 50% county funds) will be used to construct a concrete sidewalk along McRae Road from Forest Hill Avenue to Rockaway Road and an asphalt shared-use path along Rockaway Road from McRae Road to the Bon Air Community Association. The project also includes the construction of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of McRae Road and Rattlesnake Road. A design public hearing was held May 16, 2019.

Traffic Impacts

McRae Road will remain open to traffic at all times. Some daytime alternating lane closures will be necessary during construction.

Project Timeline

Construction delayed, expected to begin in 2023: The county recently solicited bids for construction services but are unable to award the contract due to its high cost. We are seeing the same market forces that are impacting other industries and our bids for construction came in 100% higher than anticipated. While we believe that some portion of the increased construction costs we're seeing are here to stay, we also think this bid reflected a particularly overheated market. As a result, we will be soliciting new bids later this year in the hopes that our timing is better, and we are able to make enough adjustments in our contract to drive our costs lower. Rest assured, the construction of the new sidewalks along McRae Road from Forest Hill Road to Rockaway Road remains a priority.


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