Citizen Complaints About Existing Properties

Property Complaint Investigation Process

The Chesterfield County Department of Building Inspection has a telephone help line to assist citizens who have concerns about potential Building Code or Property Maintenance Code violations. Any tenant, whether in a house or apartment, may lodge a complaint about the property they are renting. In addition, property owners may lodge a complaint about another property they believe to be in violation of the code.

When a citizen calls the help line, a Complaints Coordinator will try to determine over the phone whether a code violation may exist. If there is a probable violation, an inspector will be sent out to investigate. If there is a violation, the owner of the property will be issued a Notice of Violation, which gives the responsible party a reasonable amount of time to correct the violation. If there is no response to the Notice of Violation, legal action may be taken.

How to File a Complaint

You may reach the help line by calling 748-1779. To file a complaint you must know the address of the property in question. If you leave a message or email, calls will be returned by the next business day.

Commonly Reported Complaints

Many commonly reported concerns are not code violations. Below are commonly reported complaints that are not violations:

  • Color of paint
  • Secured structure regardless of condition or appearance
  • Swimming pool that is fenced

Below are the most commonly reported complaints that are code violations:

  • Damaged light fixtures
  • Damaged or rotting framing or structural members
  • Damaged steps, porches or handrails
  • Damaged windows or doors
  • Electrical equipment damaged or not working properly
  • Mechanical equipment damaged or not working properly
  • Plumbing equipment damaged or not working properly
  • Roof leaks
  • Rotting siding or other wood
  • Unsecured/collapsing buildings

For more details on exactly what the inspector is looking for go to Report a Property Complaint - Commonly Inspected Items.