Residential Building Process Overview

Those residential projects that can be constructed under the International Residential Code (IRC) are included in this portion of the web page. They include:

  • Single family dwellings, not exceeding three stories,
  • Two-family dwellings (duplexes), not exceeding three stories,
  • Multiple single-family dwellings: townhouses (a single family dwelling constructed in groups of three or more attached units) not exceeding three stories.

All other dwelling units (example: apartments, assisted living units, 4 story units, etc.) are considered commercial projects and will be governed by the International Building code (IBC).

For additional information about the residential building codes enforced by Chesterfield County, see residential construction code information.

Steps in the Residential Building Process

This is an overview of the steps in the Residential Building Process.

Obtain a Permit

  1. Prepare the necessary construction documents.
  2. Submit the construction documents, application and related forms, and fees.
  3. The following departments within Chesterfield County will review the construction documents and note any deficiencies:
    1. Building Inspections -plan review for code compliance
    2. Planning - property and zoning issues
    3. Utilities - water and sewer availability
    4. Environmental - erosion control, drainage
    5. Budget Management - proffer payments (when applicable)
    6. Health (if on septic or well system)
  4. Correct, modify and resubmit documents if any of the County departments require clarification or changes to the original submittal.
  5. Pick up the Building Permit

Have Inspections Performed

  1. Start construction.
  2. Apply for an amendment or revision if the plans change during the course of construction.
  3. Request required inspections.

Complete Project

  1. Complete the building and obtain the final inspection.
  2. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Completion.

Overview of Residential Topics & Links

Below is a list of links to the main topics in the Residential sections of the website, along with a description of what these topics cover. Click the links for quick access to these topics. You can also access this information through the menu on the left side of the screen.

Residential Permit Application Process

Residential Plan Review Process

  • Residential Permit Application Submittal and Review Requirements by Project: This section provides, by type of construction project, a listing of the plans and other documents typically required when applying for a permit. It also provides the requirements for what the plans must contain.
  • How the Review Process Works: This section outlines the steps in both the regular review process and the walk-through review process. It also contains instructions on how to check the permit status and view any corrective comments.

Residential Inspection Process

  • Inspections - Residential: Obtain information on the inspection process, the types of inspections that may be required for a residential project, as well as on when each inspection should be scheduled.
  • Scheduling an Inspection: Find instructions on how to schedule inspections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online through this website or by phone using the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automated phone system. You can also schedule inspections by speaking with a CSR during normal business hours.
  • Obtain Inspection Results

Other Residential Topics