Training Division

The division consists of two work units.

Technical Services Unit

This unit is staffed by two firefighter/technicians and a video production specialist. The core services provided include the following:

  • Command Simulation Development
  • Historical Documentation
  • Mobile Command Center
  • Photography and Video production
  • Production Studio Management
  • Supports the Department Incident Management Team
  • Technical Support to the Training Division and Operations

Training & Education Unit

The Training and Education Unit is responsible for meeting the entry level and annual training needs of career and volunteer members. It also manages the Eanes-Pittman Public Safety Training Center and the Enon Practical Training Facility.

The unit is staffed with:

  • 1 Facilities Manager
  • 1 Lieutenant (2 when recruit programs are in session)
  • 2 Training Specialist
  • 3 Administrative Support Staff
  • 3 Captains
  • Battalion Chief
  • Part-Time Instructor Cadre

The core services provided include:

  • BLS and ALS Primary and Continuing Education Programs
  • Career and Officer Development
  • Entry Level Recruit Training
  • Entry Level Testing
  • Incumbent Training
  • Special Operations Training
  • Training Facilities Maintenance